Brent Carter Victoria TX was originally born in Corpus Christi but later moved on to be raised and brought up in the town of Victoria. He began his studies early on in Elementary school at the local school, Smith Elementary. Later he went on to Howell middle school from which he went to Victoria High School from where he happily graduated. After his graduation he went on to get his BBA in finance from the University of Texas, in Austin. Since the completion of his education Brent Carter has made a career in insurance for over 25 years. He has practiced as an insurance agent across the state of Texas in multiple cities such as Victoria, Dallas, the valley and even Huston. He is a die hard, dedicated sports fan who holds his allegiance to many teams including the Spurs, Astros, and Cowboys.

Brent Carter is the dad of three wonderful children who all enjoy athletics including his son Kendall who is a twenty year old junior at A&M. His younger sister Katie followed her older brother’s foot steps and is now a nineteen year old freshman at A&M as well. They also have a younger brother named kyle, Brent’s youngest, who is a seventeen year old junior in High School. His oldest son acted as a multi-time, all district basketball player for big names like Mike Smith and Yulonda Wimbish. Katie also known for her athletic capabilities as she held a position as a multi-time all district volleyball player for Jamie Pauley. Although Brent holds a strong background in conservative beliefs when it comes to politics, he is all and all more or less of a “pushover” in person according to his comical website. He was raised from a strict Baptist Background as he grew up attending North side Baptist Church. During his off days and free times Brent enjoys a variety of hobbies and activities including fishing, golfing, and hunting.

Long before Brent Carter began his radio show with partner Ash Wade, they enjoyed going out to lunch together to talk politics and media. They had a charismatic, intense approach that led many to suggest they start hosting a political radio show together. Little did people know, Ash and Brent had been discussing the idea of a show for little over a year and after a series of interesting events found their show coming to life. After many half and half sweet teas and salty, sweet Mexican food, these gentlemen finally began their radio show. They still continue to hold their day jobs and use the side show as a fun and exciting way to give back to their community in Victoria. The aim and goal of the show is to give the listener a personal, real experience that helps them feel as though they have really joined Wade and Carter for one of their afternoon lunches. Brent Carter Victoria Tx along with his partner in crime Ash Wade from Canada have created a fun and personal environment on their radio show hoping to give a little something back to the community of Victoria they have learned to know and love.