Humane Animal Removal

raccoonMost of us have encountered this problem before. You’re sitting in the backyard sipping on a drink when all of a sudden you spot an opossum or a raccoon standing a couple of feet away. A lot of people are scared and, usually, it’s for nothing since all it takes to make them leave is a couple of screams and some hilarious arm gestures. Sometimes, however, it is a problem and these fuzzy little creatures make a habit out of calling our backyard, or sometimes our house, a home. There’s a lot of people who would reach for the broom or the BB gun to make them leave. I mean, let’s face it, it’s common for these animals to be a little more hostile and scarier than most. But would you treat a stray dog or cat that wandered into your backyard like that? Most likely you answered no. So for those people who answered no and aren’t completely heartless, let’s look into some methods for humanely removing an animal from your property.

1. Making its stay unbearable- If you or I were to check into a hotel where the service was terrible and the rooms looked like they had been cleaned by a blind man, would staying be an option? No, so making an animal’s nesting place uninhabitable is a great way to make them leave. What you need to do is to make your area both noisy and smelly. However, refrain from using an toxic chemicals that could potentially harm the animals. Stick to products like vinegar. If you wouldn’t have it near your child, don’t keep it near them.

2. Luring it into a trap- When people hear traps, they usually think about the horrible snapping sound of a mouse trap or the hungry jaws of a bear trap. Not all traps are evil, and the cage trap is going to be your best friend. A cage trap is simple and humane. Just place some bait inside, wait for the animal to trigger the closing of the back end of the cage, and voila, you have successfully engaged in humane opossum removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, or even mouse removal.

opossum3. Asking for help- If you don’t think you are able to do it yourself, don’t make the situation worse by trying something you’ve never done before. Call a professional. There are a variety of different services all across the country that would be glad to remove the animal for you.

Animals can be unwanted, but you don’t need to remove them from your homes by removing them from the world. Take the human approach and use safe methods when trying to rid your house of your furry guests.

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